Autori: Ninni Kjellberg

Ustanova zaposlenja: NORWAY

Ključne riječi: online learning, hemodialysis

Kongres/Simpozij: ”5. Međunarodni kongres HDMSARIST-a” i ”8. Međunarodni kongres WFCCN-a”

Mjesto i vrijeme održavanja: Šibenik, 12.-15. travnja 2012. godine

In our ICU we have many patients who are in need of continuous hemodialysis. In previous years, the nurses in the dialysis resource group have spent a lot of time training and certifying colleagues in use of the hemodialysis machine.
Despite this training, many nurses expressed uncertainty in handling our new dialysis machine Fresenius multiFiltrate. Based on this feedback, one of the nurses in the dialysis resource group in 2008 wrote a paper about different learning strategies. As a result of this paper the group decided to create an online-learning system to improve and to make the tutoring more effective.
We used our previously developed protocol for the dialysis machine to decide which parts to use in the online learning system.
Ullevål Hospital had a photographer who helped us with the filming.
The Mohive system was used to create the online learning system.
The doctor in the dialyses resource group read through the online learning system to control the facts, and to give feedback on the work.
The online learning system consists of two parts; one with a film and a theory part and one with a test.
The film has been divided into different sections, to make it easy to find certain information. The theory part consists of facts and information about pathophysiology and treatment. The test is to examine the nurses’ knowledge in the certification process.
The paper-protocol is still in use bedside, and is an attachment to the online learning system together with other useful information about dialysis.
We can already see that we are saving time when training colleagues. Further individual coaching will be provided for any nurses who express or show a need of more training. Further investigation in how good the learning system is working will be needed.