Liz Pirie

transfusion , education, programme, promoting

''1. Međunarodni kongres HDMSARIST-a''

Šibenik, 21.-24. travnja 2008. godine

The NHS Scotland Better Blood Transfusion Programme was launched in 2003. The main aim of
the programme was to promote the safe and efficient use of blood products. The role of
Transfusion Practitioner (TP), as part of the hospital transfusion team, was integral to the delivery
of the programme. In September 2003, 18 transfusion practitioners were appointed in 15 NHS
Boards in Scotland.
TPs have responsibilities for actively promoting and leading practice transfusion practice by
implementing clinical practice developments, education and facilitating audit/research activities .
They must have an understanding of the relevant science on which their practice is based as well
as being aware of the clinical, legal, regulatory, quality, ethical and governance issues related to
their practice.
Prior to commencing an induction programme the TPs completed a self-assessment tool
designed to identify the level of skills, knowledge and attitudes relevant to their role. The initial
scores demonstrated that the majority of practitioners had partial knowledge of basic transfusion
science/medicine. The levels of skill and attitudes to the role varied depending on the
practitioners’ background (biomedical scientist or registered nurse). Following the assessment
process the Effective Use of Blood (EUB) group developed, facilitated and participated in the
delivery of an education programme, initially as 35 sessions over a 12 -week period.

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