Autori: Cachón Pérez José Miguel

Ustanova zaposlenja: SPAIN

Ključne riječi: Clinical Clerkship, Intensive Care, Education, Nursing, Associate, Qualitative Research

Kongres/Simpozij: ”5. Međunarodni kongres HDMSARIST-a” i ”8. Međunarodni kongres WFCCN-a”

Mjesto i vrijeme održavanja: Šibenik, 12.-15. travnja 2012. godine

Students of nursing assistants in intensive care unit (ICU) may feel anxiety and fear for their practice. Are required to be on alert and respond quickly to changes in the patient.
To describe the experience of the students ( nursing assistants) during their practice at ICU of Fuenlabrada University Hospital.
-Cualitative study with a phenomenological approach
-Sampling by purpose
-Inclusion criteria: students who have made their practices in the ICU
-Data collection: unstructured interviews. Use of an open question: How have you lived your rotation practice?
-Data analysis: Implementation of the Giorgi´s proposal. Individual meaning units were sorted and resorted as categories, and the patterns, began to emerge
-We developed “Conceptual maps” to identify the topics.
The study was conducted from September 2010 until December 2010. 12 interviews were done, 19 hours of tape recording. The mean age was 21.3 years
The themes identified were:
-Learning process. With 3 subtopics: Figure of tutor, previous experience with illness and professional.
-The ICU as a learning context.
-The role of students. With 1 subtopic: Initiative
-Relationship with the patient, family and other professionals. With 1 subtopic: teamwork.
Students focus their learning in technical and material aspects ,ignoring the patient. They assume a professional rol rather than the students rol. They require a tutor figure, as well as their integration into the professional team. They point the ICU as a different context to learn from all units.