Panova G., Panova B., Jovevska S., Dzidrova V., Sumanov G.

Faculty of Medical Sciences, University “Goce Delcev – Stip”, Macedonia

sepsis , pregnancy , APACHE II, SOFA, scale assessment , C - reactive protein

''8. Međunarodni kongres HDMSARIST-a''

Šibenik, 23.-26. travnja 2015. godine

Sepsis during pregnancy is extremely rare and usually fatal complication. Even in modern
medical practice has taken a unanimous decision to conduct it in abnormal condition
.Objective: In today's modern medicine , despite all successful treatments , septic conditions
continue to be challenging and resource for medical teams . This paper presents the case of
a patient of our clinic with unexplained infectious source , and diagnostic and therapeutic
approach led to positive output of the disease , as well as the mother of baby .Methods and
materials: blood culture , specification sheet, as well as to monitor the evolution of the
disease , adequacy of treatment and prognosis for each patient is needed to evaluate the
extent and APACHE II and SOFA Results : Body temperature > 38 ˚ C or < 35 ˚ C, tissue and
organ hypoperfusion / hipooksigenaciя , systemic arterial hypotension , systemic dysfunction ,
CRP- serious condition : 70 mg / l - SIRS, 98 mg / l - sepsis , 145 mg / l - severe sepsis , 173
mg / l - septic shock , leukocytes > 12,000 or 10 % immature forms characteristic
metabolic acid - the pH <7,35 and serum lactate above 2 mmol / l, a constellation of metabolic
acidosis with anion gap widened and compensatory respiratory alkalosis - PaCO2 < 35
mmHg.Discussion : Sometimes early septic process can manifest with quantitative and
qualitative changes in knowledge . Scale dynamic process and the patient's condition .
Putting a stent in the ureter , subsequent multiple microbiological and virological tests , blood
cultures of methicillin resistant coagulase negative staph . Together with clinical and
laboratory data konstelaciя put sepsis diagnosis with unexplained origin .Conclusion : Sepsis
during pregnancy is extremely rare and usually fatal complication even in modern medical
practice has not taken unanimously for this behavior abnormal condition. The literature is
insufficient for other similar cases , but been done can be concluded that in most cases
access to termination of pregnancy on medical indications .

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