Autori: Andreas Schäfer

Ustanova zaposlenja: ASKLEPIOS-Klinik Schwalmstadt (GERMANY)

Ključne riječi: Critical illness polyneuropathy, weaning dificulties, long stay an ICU, prolonged ventilator dependence, preventive strategies

Kongres/Simpozij: ”5. Međunarodni kongres HDMSARIST-a” i ”8. Međunarodni kongres WFCCN-a”

Mjesto i vrijeme održavanja: 12.-15. travnja 2012. godine

Critical illness polyneuropathy (CIP) is a wide problem by patients who are needed specific drugs, like kathecholamine ore muscle relaxations, who are needed long time mechanical ventilation and are being immobiliziced. Patients who´re suffering under CIP have a definite longer stay on ICU and hospital, got more often difficult weaning situations and got over a long time period after hospital discharge muscle problems like early muscle fatigue and lesser exercise capacity. Despite the intensive care medicine it´s possible for nurses to use some effective strategies to prevent CIP. Especially using protocolls for ventilator therapy, early mobilisation and early nutrition.