Eva Barkestad

Stockholm, Sweden

nursing care, patients, ICU, improvements, Sweden

''4. Međunarodni kongres HDMSARIST-a''

Šibenik, 14.-17. travnja 2011. godine

The critical ill patient often has multi organ failure and requires medical intervention immediately. Time is essential and the chance of survival is diminished as the number of organs involved increases.
When a patient is admitted to the intensive care unit it is of great importance, to ensure that the direct treatment and nursing care happens as systematically and safe as possible.
We started a project with aim to ensure that patient should have optimal care and all available medical resources at our ward at Danderyd hospital intensive care unit in Stockholm.
A group with representatives from all categories of staff was interviewed about their experience and caring of the critical ill after admission to the ICU. The interviews were analyzed and three themes were found and they were:
• communication/information,
• organization/teamwork,
• support to relatives/nearest.
All staff was asked to fill in a survey with question on the above themes, the inquiry confirmed that improvement were imperative in the three categories.
We made a few suggestions of changes and improvements. A new report system was established, we made the team leader more visible by altering the organization and we designated staff to care for relatives.
After implementation of the new actions we made a follow up survey. The result of the follow up survey showed a slight progress in communication and information, but better organization and teamwork and also the area of supporting the nearest to cope with a critical ill relative.

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