Saudi Arabia

endotracheal suction , normal saline , ventilated pateint

''5. Međunarodni kongres HDMSARIST-a'' i ''8. Međunarodni kongres WfCCN-a''

Šibenik, 12.-15. travnja 2012. godine

Endotracheal suction is a corner procedure in the management of secretions in mechanically ventilated patients. Normal saline instillation is used by nurses during treatment of intubated patients within the intensive care unit, usually to enhance sputum yield. Its use is controversial; detrimental effects have been documented and evidence of any benefit is limited. Some studies have suggested routine use be discontinued. This study investigates the effect of endotracheal suction with and without instillation of normal saline on oxygen saturation, heart rate, blood pressure and arterial blood gases in mechanically ventilated patients. An experimental cross over design was adopted. The study was carried out at medical and surgical Intensive Care Units of King Fahad University Hospital. The study sample consists of 25 adult male and female patients. They were randomly assigned to two techniques of suction (with and without instillation of normal saline) participants are randomly assigned to different orderings of treatment. An Observational checklist was developed by the researcher to collect the needed data that covers patients’ demographic data, heart rate, blood pressure, SPO2, and arterial blood gases before & after suction for 5 minutes. The study reveals that there was statistical significant difference between mean heart rate, PCo2, PaO2 and PaO2/FiO2 over time after suction with instillation of normal saline while there was no significant difference between mean heart rate, blood pressure and arterial blood gases among the two techniques of suction. The researcher strongly recommended that saline instillation should not be used as a routine clinical practice and the nurses should consider other interventions to promote secretion clearance include providing adequate systemic hydration, humidification, chest percussion and vibration.

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