Autori: Julie Benbenishty


Ključne riječi: communication, families

Kongres/Simpozij: ”11. Međunarodni kongres HDMSARIST-a”

Mjesto i vrijeme održavanja: Šibenik, 19.-22. travnja 2018. godine

Good quality nurse-family member communication is essential and fun¬damental in the delivery of daily care. It is essential for families to experience support, stress relief, empowerment and involvement and for nurses to enhance their understanding of how to improve instruction, guidance and education to meet family needs. In many international ICUs, the nurse-patient ratio is 1:2 or 1:3. There¬fore, it is unlikely that nurses can provide all the social support necessary for family members to deal with the crisis of critical illness.

The ICU nurse is trained to pro¬vide information, support, guid¬ance and family empowerment in a nonjudgmental environment to ful¬fil the unmet needs and to calm the overwhelming stress and distress most family members endure. With expe-rience, the nurse can redress gaps in knowledge and concerns, which families desperately need. Combining evidence-based knowledge of fam¬ily needs together with the benefits of using communication tools, the ICU nurse has the potential to satisfy unmet family needs, resolve stress and tension, pro¬vide empathy and comfort to suffering family members and help them regain control and empowerment during the crisis.